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Active MFD members $100 

Retired MFD & Affiliate members $50 

Active Affiliate members $50 

Supporters $50 

*Student members- FREE membership! $10 to add on an Ignite T-shirt*


About Ignite

Ignite actively mentors, recruits, educates, and supports the past, present, and future women in the Madison Fire Department and surrounding communities. Whether you are active MFD women (commissioned and noncommissioned), active affiliate women (Local Fire/EMS Agencies), retired MFD or Affiliate, a student that identifies as a woman, or a supporter of Ignite women, we welcome you to join Ignite and be a part of our mission to meet the needs of women in Fire/EMS! 


How to Join Ignite or Renew your Annual Membership

Our annual enrollment and membership renewal cycle is open April 1st -April 30th of each year. To become an Ignite member or Ignite supporter during our annual enrollment cycle, please click the link above "Join Ignite or Renew Membership!", fill out the form and purchase your annual membership. Your membership will be effective once payment is received and expires on April 30th of next year. Payment options and details on how to make payment are at the end of the form. If you missed the annual enrollment cycle and would like to become an Ignite member, or have any questions email: with "Ignite Membership" in the subject. 


About Your Membership

If you purchase an annual membership during the annual enrollment cycle (in April) you will receive a free Ignite t-shirt! Shirts will be ordered the first week of May, after the annual enrollment/renewal cycle has closed. We will contact you once they have arrived. Your annual membership supports: other Ignite members through difficult times (care packages), events and partnerships that align with Ignite's mission (International Women's Day "In Her Boots" 2023 Event), annual scholarships for women interested in Fire/EMS, resources for large Ignite events (Annual Ignite Party, Madison College Coffee and Conversation), and other annual costs (501C3 status, Postal/P.O. Box, website, membership t-shirts, marketing materials, etc). With your contribution, we can continue to partner with Fire Fighters Local 311, Madison College, CampHERO, Girl Scouts of WI-Badgerland Council, and more to create some amazing events that support girls and women in our community. As a member, you can propose new events to the board, help organize those events, and attend free or discounted events offered by Ignite. Ignite aims to offer professional development opportunities, social events, and Fire/EMS workshops each year. These will help new, current and retired women in the field, but we need your help to make it all possible. It's time to re-ignite the flame and spread the word!


Additional Benefits for active MFD members, retired members, and affiliate members ONLY

As a contributing member of Ignite, you have the voice to vote in elections that affect the future and growth of Ignite as an organization. Both new and long-time members can run for board positions to get more involved!  


***STUDENTS: If you are a student considering Fire/EMS and interested in joining IGNITE

Student memberships are now FREE! Your free membership does NOT include an Ignite t-shirt. T-shirts are available to purchase for $10.00 (your discounted student price). To join or renew as a student member, click the yellow "Join Ignite or Renew Membership" button above and fill out the form with your information. If you would not like to purchase a t-shirt, select the no t-shirt option. If you would like to purchase an ignite t-shirt, select your size and style options on the form and venmo, paypal or write a $10.00 check to Ignite. Need help or have additional questions? Email us at   

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